K type T type H type Fuse link for drop-out cutout manufacturer

Factory price from drop-out cutout manufacturer

K type, T type, H type

IEC -282

This is  high voltage fuse (export-oriented high-voltage fuse) for the drop-out cutout. If you have special requirement, we can custom it for you. As drop-out cutout manufacturer, rich power offers fuse link for drop-out cutout in a reasonable price and good quality. High Voltage Fuse link is normally divided into K type and T type. Type K fuse link is with 6-8 melting speed, and type T is with 10-13 melting speed. 11KV-27V type K fuse link (fuse whip) for Dropout Fuse Cutout.

There are two type materials of the tube:

  • Paper tube
  • Steel tube

fuse tube

△Steel tube

fuse tube

△Paper tube

fuse link fuse link fuse link fuse link

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11kv, 15kv, 27kv, 36kv

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