Fuse Cutout

Fuse Cutout, also called Dropout fuse, is an electrical device that disconnects a circuit by causing the fuse link to melt with its own heat when the current exceeds a specified value. Dropout cutout fuses are the most commonly used short circuit protection switches for electrical power lines and distribution lines. A fuse link disconnects a circuit by melting it with its own heat after the current exceeds the specified value for a certain period of time. This can also be opened by the linemen standing on the ground using a long insulating stick called a “hot stick. The fuse cutout is mainly composed of a fuse link, a fuse cutout body and a fuse holder.

  • THE FUSE CUTOUT BODY, a porcelain or a polymer insulator body
  • THE FUSE HOLDER, also called the insulating fuse tube, it contains the replaceable fuse elements inside.
  • THE FUSE LINK, also is the fuse elements. is the replaceable portion of the fuse cutout that will melt and disconnect the circuit with its own heat when there is over current went through it.


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