Porcelain Insulator

Insulators play an important part in maintaining the safety and stability of our energy lifeline by ensuring that transmission lines and steel towers and equipment are completely isolated.Electric porcelain is an important basic device in electric power industry. Electrical ceramics for short electric porcelain. It is a kind of electrical insulating material made of porcelain with good insulation and mechanical strength.

Products scope:

  • Long Rod Insulators: They support transmission lines on steel towers, isolating the lines from the tower. They can be used individually or in configurations of several connected insulators.
  • Station Post Insulators: They are called SP insulators and found in power handling equipment at power plants and substations support electric wires and other equipment,isolating them from the ground.
  • Pin Post Insulators: They support distribution lines on utility poles and isolate the lines from the poles themselves. Distribution lines are secured to a groove on the top or side of these insulators with metal wire or similar materials.

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