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Since 2006, We have started to produce surge arrester, porcelain insulator, porcelain bushing, fuse cutout. We have a 1000kVA high voltage test center...

You hope to buy the products of porcelain insulator, surge arrester, fuse cutout or their spare parts, you will get better services if you buy from professional manufacturer and supplier of Changsha rich group.

Advanced production lines, complete quality control system, certificated of all type test, factory prices will bring you a happy purchasing experience.

All parts are also made by us. Buying spare parts from us for your complete products of disconnectors, surge arresters, cutout fuse, SF6 switches will help you to down the cost, Enhance competitiveness.

Good suppliers can be as profitable as good customers




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Since 2006

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Professional production of electrical power products including surge arrester, fuse cutout, porcelain insulator, porcelain bushing in China.

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