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Since 2000, We have started to produce porcelain Insulator,

surge arrester (MOA), dropout cutout fuse (FCO). All spare parts including post porcelain insulator, porcelain bushing, zno varistor block, Nema mounting are made in our own factory.  Excellent technical teams always ensure product quality for our customers with  complete system of quality control and advanced production equipment. You will have any worry on the fast delivery and good quality products in Rich Power Group

To buy electrical power products from professional manufacturer will be better.

Our Products

We only produce equipments for electrical power system

Porcelain insulator

post porcelain insulator for distribution line and disconnector breakers

Porcelain bushing

all types of porcelain bushings for capacitor, transformer, switch breaker

Dropout cutout fuse

complete cutout fuse, also spare parts of it including fuse holder, copper parts

Surge arrester

porcelain housing surge arrester, polymer housing surge arrester, spare parts

Porcelain Insulator

Post insulator is a kind of special insulation control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines, it is also a spare part of disconnector. Porcelain bushing is a part of transformer, capacitor, switch breaker.

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