C10-170 types of IEC standard post porcelain insulator Solid-core station post insulators

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We are a post porcelain insulators manufacturer/post ceramic insulators manufacturer in China. Rich power offers all types of post insulators up to the highest AC and DC system voltages with the most progressive technology, engineering, and lifetime. Short production time, tighter tolerances, flexible design, extra-high mechanical strength, and extended creepage distances are possible by the isostatic process. OEM production fully according to the customers’ requirement.

As a good post porcelain insulators manufacturer, we have good production lines and a complete QC system. Here you can find good quality products for you or your clients. All productions and inspections will fully follow the standards and your requirements. Our Insulators production facilities for IEC station post insulators manufacture in full accordance with IEC60273.  Insulator creepage distances are in accordance with IEC60273 and IEC60815. Special requirements, such as other creepage distances, special shed forms, or pitch circle diameters, can also be offered upon request.

Line post insulators are designed to provide rigid support for conducting cable while offering maximum resistance to damage from electrical or mechanical events.

Horizontal and gain-based line post insulators are often used in applications to avoid the need to install a cross-arm on the pole.

Transmission Line Post Insulator Applications:

Transmission Line Post Insulators are used on overhead transmission lines operating at and above 60 kV. These insulators are commonly installed either vertically or horizontally on metal or wooden structures to support the conductor. Also, these insulators are used to support high voltage conductor jumpers or leads.

Transmission Line Post Insulator Features:

  • Improves Reliability (interruptions and outages due to vandalism, pole fires, and flashovers in all types of environments are a thing of the past)
  • Eliminates or Reduces Maintenance (such as washing and less trouble calls) and is compatible with existing plant
  • Improves Power Quality (lower RI and TVI)
  • Energy Efficiency (reduced losses due to lower leakage currents)


post porcelain insulator post porcelain insulator post porcelain insulatorpost porcelain insulator

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