Railway insulators Long Rod Insulators/Cantilever Porcelain Insulator for Electrified Railway

Porcelain long rod insulators are of solid core type “A” construction and are absolutely puncture-proof. These insulators are designed to provide flexible support same time ensuring that the tensile load requirements in service are met. The long rod insulators are subjected to static and dynamic loads including wind load, ice load, conductor galloping, short circuit forces etc.  , and are designed to withstand such loads constantly and continuously for decades.

The insulators are made of high-quality Aluminous porcelain meeting the requirements of C130 in accordance with the IEC: 60672. Apart from the visual and dimensional checks, the long rod insulator shells are subjected to ultrasonic tests prior to assembly. Precision machines are used to cut and grind the end faces to achieve the required surface finish and chamfer of the ends.

post porcelain insulator of railway

The products are suitable for electric-railway of complex operation conditions, can effectively prevent flash accidents and decrease the times of clear and maintenance, because of small volume, and when in the tunnel is clear products of glass insulator cannot instead of it. Polymer type is also produced.

post porcelain insulator of railway

Specifications and Types:

Rate Voltage:33kV-1200kV
Mechanical load: 45kN-420kN
Creepage distance: 12mm/kV – 35mm/kV
Standard: IEC61109

Application of Porcelain long rod insulators:


-Electric railway of complex operation conditions
-Use in industry-specific solutions
-Device and plant construction, e.g. switchgear, for busbars and disconnect switches
-Platform support for capacitor banks

FAQs of Products

Yes, we can do OEM & ODM production for you fully according to your requriements including the standard requirement or your drawings. Or you tell us your requirements, we will make the drawings for your approval.
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