Disconnector and Bracket of Surge arrester Lightning arrester

High voltage lightning arrester has another name of the high voltage surge arrester. lightning arrester types have polymer housing types and porcelain housing types. The surge arrester is the main equipment in the power station and power transmission lines. All surge arresters will be installed by the mounting bracket.
We are a porcelain surge arrester manufacturer in China.

Disconnector and Bracket are surge arrester parts for the surge arrester installation.

The disconnector is a hydrostatic release unit of the lightning arrester, which will be automatically detached from the equipment and protect the equipment from lightning strikes. We produce the bracket by the SMC or CMS fiber-glass which has high strength. All materials of ours are new. But some suppliers offer you a lower price because they make the products by reclaimed materials. Some main types of brackets and disconnectors of ours are as follows, we can make the molds for you if you have special requirements.

We provide OEM production and Customization service.


Types and Apperance of Bracket:

 bracket bracket bracket

Types of Disconnectors:


Polymer lightning arrester has the following characteristics:

  1. Easy installation and maintenance. Mounted by the Bracket.
  2. Good sealing capability to ensure reliable operation.
  3. The protection and reliability of the surge arrester have been greatly enhanced.
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