Diameter 20mm-138mm Zno Varistor Block MOV element of MOA accessories of Lightning Arrester Surge Arrester

Sic varistor blocks and Zno varistor blocks

The key elements of Surge arrester


What is zno varistor block?

The zno varistor block is the core element of MOA. Zno varistor is mainly made by Zinc Oxide. Gapless zinc oxide (ZnO) surge arresters are widely used  between the phase and ground terminals in the power system.how varistor works?  Zno varistor has the nonlinear characteristic.

Why is ZnO used in lightning arrester?

Lightning arrester is a kind of equipment to protect the machine against the overvotage impulse. Compared with traditional carborundun, MOV(Metal Oxide Varistor) has greatly mended voltage-current characteristics and improved through-current capability, thereby it will line up protection. According to surge arrester selection guide, Gapless zinc oxide surge arrester will use zno varistor.Valve type metal oxide surge arrester will use Sic varistor.

Why us?

We produce series of Zno varistors and Sic varistor for polymeric housing surge arresters and porcelain housing surge arresters rating 0.22kv to 1000kv from 1990. Our products  have good characteristics for surge arresters. We have ISO9001-2000 certificate of the International Quality Management System. Good production lines and complete QC system can guaratee the good quality of products.  Contact us for more technical support.


△Production line: Calcination


△a corner of workshop


△Aging test

Parameter list of some main type Zno varistor blocks as follows:

parameter of varistor parameter of varistor

parameter list of High gradient type varistor

zno varistor

zno varistor

QC system:

Changsha rich power company has an excellent production line and complete QC system including DC 1mA reference voltage, Leakage current ,2ms rectangular impulse current withstand, Residual voltage impulse, 8/20µs  nominal lightning impulse current, 4/10μ high current impulse withstanding.

If you will check the QC items about surge arrester/lightning arrester, please click it.

If you have more requirement on the technology of zno varistors blocks, we can produce it for you fully according to your specifications.

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