15kV Surge Arrester

15kV surge arrester is a lightning protection device with superior protection performance, light weight, pollution resistance and stable performance.



15kV surge arrester is a lightning protection device with superior protection performance, light weight, pollution resistance and stable performance. It mainly uses the good non-linear volt-ampere characteristics of zinc oxide to make the current flowing through the surge arrester at normal working voltage very small (microamp or milliampere level); when the overvoltage acts, the resistance drops sharply, venting the overvoltage Energy to achieve the effect of protection. The difference between this kind of lightning arrester and the traditional lightning arrester is that it has no discharge gap, and uses the non-linear characteristics of zinc oxide to discharge and break.

Product name: 15kV surge arrester Non-gap Metal Oxide Pole Lightning Arrester for over voltage protection

Type: YH10W-15

15kV Surge Arrester


1. Ratings: 0.22~500KV (porcelain),0.22~220KV(composite)

2. Application: for protection of power transmission & distribution system from over-voltage.

3. Features:

1)Silicone polymer housing composite metal oxide surge arrester and porcelain housing metal Oxide surge arresters are available.

2)Easy installation and maintenance.

3)Good sealing capability to ensure reliable operation.

4)Protection and reliability of the surge arrester have been greatly enhanced.

15kV Surge Arrester


1. High Voltage Rating – Our surge arresters have a high voltage rating of up to 15kV, making them ideal for protecting electrical systems from voltage surges at high voltage levels.

2. Durable Material – The surge arrester is made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and other environmental factors, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

3. Enhanced Protection – Our surge arresters offer enhanced protection for electrical systems by absorbing voltage surges during electrical faults, thereby protecting the entire system from any damage.

4. Easy to Install – Our surge arresters are easy to install, and come with clear installation instructions for easy deployment. They do not require any technical expertise to complete installation, saving time and money for the end-users.

5. Cost-effective Solution – Our 15kV Surge Arrester offers cost-effective protection for electrical systems when compared to other protection methods. By investing in surge arresters, merchants can avoid costly repair and replacement of electrical systems caused by voltage surges.


  • Electrical Power Distribution – Our surge arresters are ideal for use in the electrical power distribution industry where they offer reliable protection for electrical systems from voltage surges.
  •  Industrial Automation – Our surge arresters are commonly used in industrial automation systems to safeguard electrical equipment and machinery, thereby increasing their longevity.
  •  Telecommunications – Our surge arresters can also be used in telecommunications and data networks to protect against voltage surges that can destroy sensitive equipment such as routers, switches, and modems.
  •  Renewable Energy – Our surge arresters are suitable for use in renewable energy systems such as wind and solar power plants where they offer robust protection against intense weather conditions that can cause electrical faults.

Ambient condition:

1. Ambient air temperature: -40℃ ~+40℃;

2. Altitude: <=2000m;

3. Frequency: 48Hz~62Hz;

4. Power frequency voltage applied between terminals of surge arrester must not exceed continuous operating voltage of surge arrerter;

5. Earthquake intensity is less than 8 degree;

6. Max. Wind speed is 35m/s.

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