42kV lightning arrester silicone housing Surge arrester selection guide outdoor polymer housing

Composite Housing Surge Arrester

Color: Red, Grey, Customization

OEM production and Customization are accepted


Surge arrester selection guide here is for the polymer housing surge arrester in the electrical railway system. We manufactured MOA from 1990, and we also make the MOV by ourself.

There are two types housing for surge arrester. Silicone polymer housing or composite metal oxide surge arrester and porcelain housing metal oxide surge arresters. Surge arrester rating calculation is a guide for selection. The both types of surge arrester are the key equipment in the electric power system. They are protecting the equipments from the lightning impulse and overvoltage impulse.

The following type surge arrester is used in the electric railway system protecting electric system, overhead line net, Motor against atmospheric overvoltage impulse and operation overvoltage impulse.

There are two types surge arresters of DC and AC types.

AC type surge arrester for Normal railway system:

DC type surge arrester for Fast speed railway system: