110kV to 500kV Lightning arrester rating Gas insulated metal enclosed (GIS) surge arresters for GIS switchgear

GIS  surge arrester selection guide


GIS surge arrester rating is the way of surge arrester selection guide. We are producing  surge arrester rating 96kv, 110kV ,220kV and 500kV.
There are many surge arrester rating for 132kv in the power system.  Please contact us for the quotation if you need it. GIS switchgear needs GIS typs surge arrester.
Sulfur hexafluoride gas insulation, internal metal oxide varistor are the main components.
We produce GIS type surge arrester by the metal oxide varistor which has excellent non-linear voltage characteristics and steep wave response characteristics. GIS surge arrester protects GIS switchgear sets from overvoltage damage.
Product feature:
  • superior protective performance,
  • advanced technical performance,
  • high reliability,
  • little amount of maintenance work,
  • and convenient installation.
  • Excellent response characteristics to steep wave.

The low residual voltage at steep wave will greatly benefit the protection. Free to contact us for more technical support.

You can refer to surge arrester selection guide here in your work according to surge arrester rating. you can refer it as the “lightning protective level” or as the voltage at the arrester classifying current. If you will compare two surge arresters, the 10kA, 8/20 discharge voltage in this column is the  ratings of surge arrester selection guide, and the lower level is considered better protection.
△Three phases type MOA in operation
△Sigle phase type GIS MOA in operation
△a corner of workshop
△residual voltage test
△rich power lab

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