What is the Ring network cabinet?

Ring network cabinet is kind of fully-insulated and fully-enclosed common box type modular ring network switchgear, and is the main equipment for realizing ring power supply of the grid. As ring network cabinet manufacturer, ring network refers to the ring power distribution network, i.e. the power supply mains form a closed loop. The power supplies

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Who makes porcelain insulators?

Porcelain insulators provide years of reliable and consistent performance in the most rugged environments. Porcelain insulators are the most widely applied insulator in electrical transmission & distribution systems. From salty seaside substations to highly corrosive petrochemical facilities along the equator, porcelain insulators enable continued operation at the designed voltages. As a manufacturer of porcelain insulators,

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10kV-35kV Separable Connector

Models of separable connector There are many types of separable connector, and the models are generally divided into American type and European type. The main function of separable connector is to realize the connection between single-phase or three-phase cable and switch cabinet, transformer, ring network cabinet, cable adapter box and other electrical equipment. The separable

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Medium Voltage Cable Connectors

There is a movable plug contact based on a standardised contact between transformer or GIS bushing, which means that there are various ways the cable connectors can attach to the transformers or gas-insulated switchgears. Rich Power, a leading manufacturer and supplier of all the interfaces needed to connect these – whatever configuration you need, we’ve

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What is Composite Insulator?

A composite insulator is a special insulation control component that plays an important role in overhead transmission lines. Polymer insulator is one type of insulators in the power distribution line, there are such others insulators as porcelain insulator and glass insulator. What is Composite Insulator Made of? The Composite insulator is also called the synthetic

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