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How to select post porcelain insulator?

ANSI post porcelain insulator

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What is post porcelain insulator?

Post porcelain insulator is a kind of special insulation control product, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. In the early years, post porcelain insulators were mostly used for electric poles, and gradually developed into a high voltage wire connecting tower with a lot of suspended insulators, which are hung to increase the creepage distance. They are usually made of silicone or ceramic, so they are called insulators. Insulators play two basic roles in overhead transmission lines, that is, supporting wires and preventing current from returning to ground. These two roles must be guaranteed. Insulators should not fail due to flashover breakdown caused by changes in environmental and electrical load conditions, otherwise they will lose their role and damage the service and operating life of the whole line. Also disconnectors switch need supported part of post porcelain insulator. Rich power can produce all sizes and types of porcelain insulator.

Use of porcelain insulator

A number of disk type insulators are hung at one end of the high-voltage wire connecting tower to increase the creepage distance. They are usually made of glass or ceramic or rubber and are called insulators. In order to prevent floating dust and other pollution from adhering to the surface of the insulator, the path will be broken down by the flashover at both ends of the insulator. Therefore, the increase of the surface distance is creepage, the discharge distance along the insulation surface is the leak distance, is called the crawl distance or creepage. Creepage = surface distance/maximum voltage of the system. Depending on the degree of pollution, heavy pollution areas generally use a crawl distance of 31 mm/kV. Zero value insulator refers to the insulator in operation the potential distribution at both ends of the insulator is close to zero or equal to zero. Effects of zero or low value insulators: The insulation of line conductors depends on insulators, due to manufacturing defects or external effects, for example, insulator surface dirty, lightning strikes, etc. The insulation properties of insulators will deteriorate continuously. When the absolute resistance is reduced or zero, it is called a low value or zero value insulator. Insulators are smooth and can reduce the capacitive reactance between wires to reduce the loss of current.

What are problems of post porcelain insulator?

1) External insulation problem.

  • With the deterioration of the operating environment, the anti-pollution flashover ability of porcelain post insulators is insufficient. For UHV DC, porcelain post insulators require a large creepage distance and structure, while high post insulators are difficult to achieve strong bending and seismic strength.

2) Earthquake resistance problem.

  • The high voltage equipment with porcelain post insulator as the insulating part is referred to as porcelain type high voltage equipment for short. The anti-seismic problem of this kind of equipment has been difficult to solve well. In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, most of the damage to high-pressure equipment was caused by porcelain casing breakage. For UHV DC system, post porcelain insulators used for flat-wave reactors are required to have a total height of 12m and a supporting mass of 40t. However, the converter station is located in Chuxiong, Yunnan Province, an earthquake-prone area, so it is obviously very difficult for porcelain post insulators to meet the anti-seismic requirements.

3) Manufacturing problem

  • Porcelain post insulators are very difficult to manufacture due to the limitations of complex technology, equipment conditions and raw material quality. Rich power company have good production lines and complete inspection equipments. Our city is the production base since 1824. We are a professional factory in the right place at the right time. We have copperated with all customers from the world. On the basis of a large number of investigations, the former working group of high voltage post porcelain insulator Accident investigation in the Power generation and Transmission Operation Department of the State Electric Power Company counted the accidents of porcelain post insulators according to technical reasons, and came to the conclusion that the product quality was the main reason for the breakage of porcelain pillar insulators. Good manufacturer with excellent production line and quality control system is very important for buyer.
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