24kV Porcelain Pin Insulator without pulling sleeve

porcelain insulator 24kv

OEM production is acceptable

Porcelain pin insulator 24 kV without pulling sleeve

This type insulator is used with bare wires or covered conductors. Suitable for installation on pin. The conductor can be tied to the top-groove or to the neck. In angles, always tie to the neck. Creepage distance 325 mm. Neck diameter 85 mm.

We can do OEM production based on your requirement.


Weight: 3.37 kg
Creepage distance: 325 mm
Insulator neck: 85 mm

Breaking load: 12.5 kN

Electrical parameter:

Highest system voltage: 24 kV
Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage: ≥ 125 kV
Wet power frequency withstand voltage: ≥ 50 kV

porcelain insulator 24kvporcelain insulator 24kv  

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