Porcelain Insulators

Insulators play an important part in maintaining the safety and stability of our energy lifeline by ensuring that transmission lines and steel towers and equipment are completely isolated. Given the magnitude of their task — even the slightest defect could have massive consequences — insulators are required to be impeccably reliable.

Surge Arrester

A surge arrester, as the name suggests, is a device that protects other electrical equipment by “arresting” or discharging surge currents brought about by external (e.g. lightning) or internal (switching events) forces. It is also called a surge protection device (acronym: SPD), or less commonly, a voltage surge suppressor (TVSS). The key elements include Zno Varistor(MOV) and disconnector and Nema mounting. Surge arresters are usually classified according to voltage rating and the amount of protection they can give to a network. 

Drop-out Cutout Fuse

Fuse Cutout, also called Dropout fuse, is an electrical device that disconnects a circuit by causing the fuse link to melt with its own heat when the current exceeds a specified value. It is widely used in high and low voltage distribution systems and control systems as well as electrical equipment, as short circuit and overcurrent protector, is one of the most widely used protection devices. 

fuse cutout