Porcelain BusBar Insulators of switchgear ceramic bus-bar post insulators

The porcelain bus bar insulators are made of insulators body and aluminum insert fittings. Generally, the cooper bus-bar lines and high voltage switching equipment need this type of porcelain insulators. Usually for indoor use, so we also call them indoor post insulators. It is also a small porcelain post insulator or ceramic post insulator.

The porcelain bus bar insulator has the following types:


There is no need to care about the maintenance of our porcelain bus bar insulators. The gray glaze on the outer face of the insulator body will keep dirt and pollutant from adhering. The porcelain material our insulator used and the aluminum inserts will save them from high temperatures. The aluminum fittings are perfect for supporting cooper bus bar lines since they won’t corrupt.

post porcelain insulator

post porcelain insulator Specifications and Types:

post porcelain insulator


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