M25 IP67 Panel Mount USB 3.0 Female Connector

This network cable waterproof connector is suitable for waterproof quick connection of network cables such as ADSL and control cables of new optoelectronic technology products such as LED and LCD. An 8-core network cable has been connected, and the other end can be quickly plugged into another network cable.

1). Product form: one end is fixed on the box body, the outer end is waterproof,
2). Product model: M25AP3
3). Number of cores: eight cores (one end is equipped with a 25cm super-category five pure copper four-strand twisted pair network cable, and the length of the cable can also be customized according to the buyer’s requirements)
4), protection level: IP67
5). Access method: RJ45
Installation size M25 This model is suitable for outdoor AP waterproof boxes with a thickness below 6MM

optical connector


optical connector optical connector optical connector optical connector

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