DIN standard porcelain bushings ceramic bushing for transformer

Professional Manufacturer of porcelain bushing for power transformers.

Standard: DIN 42530 DIN42531 DIN 42532 DIN 42533 DIN 40680, BS, and ANSI

Product including :

  •  DIN 42530  Serials    :  AB-250-42530    AB-1000-42530    AB-2000-42530     AB-3150-42350
  • DIN 42539  Serials  :   AB-250-42539   AB-1000-42539   AB-2000-42539     AB-3150-42359
  • DIN 42531  Serials  : 10NF250   20NF250    30NF250-600    30NF250-720     30NF250-900
  • 30NF250-1320   ……
  • ANSI type bushing
  • BS type bushing

Parameter data:

More parameters:

FAQs of Products

Yes, we can do OEM & ODM production for you fully according to your requriements including the standard requirement or your drawings. Or you tell us your requirements, we will make the drawings for your approval.
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