Insulator pin spindle BS standard Hot Galvanizing for 33kv Pin Insulator

What is the pin type insulator used? They need an insulator pin spindle.

  • Pin type: Used on straight running transmission lines to transmit voltages up to 33 kV.
    Strain type: Horizontally suspended suspension insulators that can handle large mechanical stresses such as a river crossing.
  • An insulator pin spindle is a support pin for a porcelain insulator.  A spindle is a slender rod or pin used in insulators as an anchor point to connect the insulators with electrical wires or cables. Rich power insulation tape is one of the most common 11kv pin insulators with the spindle. Find wholesale pin insulator spindle, electrical insulation tape, and other products at Free contact us for technical support.

pin spindle

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pin spindle


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