Ball Eye Manufacturer of hardware fitting

A leading manufacturer of Ball Eye, A Forged Q Type Ball Eye assembled with an anchor shackle is called the ball oval-eye anchor shackle combination. It is used on the distribution tower to support ball and socket insulators to other associated hardware.

As a leading manufacturer of Ball Eye, we offer many types of Overhead Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Ball Eye. Ball Eye is a common hardware in powerline and transmission line system, and it is also called Eye Ball. It normally used with disc insulators. The ball eye hardware fitting is a round iron device used to connect the earth wire to the tower in the electric power system. It is a kind of power steering fittings. Changsha rich power is a power steering fittings manufacturer in China.


  1. solid forging
  2. high strength
  3. hot galvanizing

power fittings

 Specifications and Types:

power fittingspower fittings

A corner of workshop:

 power fittings





Strength rating

70kN, 120kN,180kN


Hop Dip Galvanize

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