132kV Porcelain Surge Arrester

Type: 110kV, 132kV,220kV power station porcelain surge arrester
● Application: station type
● Material: Porcelain housing
● Color: Brown / Grey


  •  Type: 110kV, 220kV power station porcelain surge arrester
  • Application: station type
  • Material: Porcelain housing
  • Color: Brown / Grey
  • High quality MOV discs/ blocks
  • 100% routine tested
  • KEMA, CEPRI, XIHARI test report and ISO 9001 quality certification
  • Comply with GB, IEC, IEEE standards

132kV Porcelain Surge Arrester


1) Reduced Equipment Damage: When you install the Porcelain Surge Arrester, your equipment is protected from voltage surges that could damage it. This means that you can save a lot of money from not having to repair or replace damaged equipment.

2) Increased Equipment Lifespan: By protecting your equipment from voltage surges, the Porcelain Surge Arrester ensures that your equipment lasts longer. This saves you the cost of having to replace it frequently.

3) Improved Safety: The arrester reduces the risk of electrical hazards that could jeopardize the safety of people and environment. It lowers the risk of fire, damage, and other hazardous outcomes.

4) Reduced Downtime: When your equipment is not damaged, there is less downtime. This means that you can keep your business running without interruption and not lose valuable productivity time.

132kV Porcelain Surge Arrester


  1. High Voltage Protection: The arrester is designed to protect electrical devices from voltage surges that could damage them. It is capable of withstanding high voltage levels and ensures that your equipment is not damaged by an electrical overload.
  2. Low Energy Consumption: The arrester operates at low energy consumption. It reduces the energy usage of the equipment and ensures that the electricity bills are not high.
  3. Easy to Install: The Porcelain Surge Arrester comes with an easy installation process. It eliminates the need for professional installation services and saves you both time and money.
  4. Durable and Reliable: The porcelain material is used to build the arrester is strong and long-lasting. It provides high efficiency and is resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  5. Quality design and manufacturing
  6. Glazed externally and internally
  7. Varistors in single column, spring loaded with air cavity
  8. High energy handling and high pollution performance
  9. Pressure relief performance up to 65 kA
  10. Safe non-shattering short circuit behavior
  11. Available in Gray or Brown


  • Power Stations: The arrester is widely used in power stations to protect the equipment from electrical surges and overloads.
  • Industrial Plants: The arrester protects electrical equipment from damage in various industrial plants such as manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas.
  • Airports and Hospitals: The arrester keeps the critical electrical equipment in airports and hospitals running smoothly and protects them from damage.
  • Offices and Homes: The arrester can also be installed in offices and homes where there are many electrical devices that are vulnerable to voltage surges and overloads.

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