How to protect grounding from lightning strikes by lightning arrester?

Lightning protection grounding includes two concepts. One is lightning protection, which prevents equipment damage caused by direct lightning strikes. Second, electrostatic grounding, lets electrostatic go into the underground, this will ensure the normal work of electrical equipment and personal safety. The grounding device is composed of a grounding body and a grounding wire. Its function is to lead the overcurrent into the ground, and the protection ability of the lightning protection system is largely related to this. The main products are lightning arrester, which has porcelain housing surge arrester, and polymer housing surge arrester. Rich power company offers good quality surge arrester/lightning arrester and spare parts including zno varistor, bracket and disconnector.

Lightning fires:

The characteristics of the grounding project determine that it is necessary to take into account the influence of the surrounding environment, and it is not feasible to design the grounding project independently from the specific situation of the location of the project. The Practice also requires a systematic grounding theory to guide engineering practice. The merits and demerits of design depend on the comprehensive consideration of many factors of the local soil environment. Factors such as soil resistivity, soil structure, water content, and construction area will determine the shape, size, and process material selection of the grounding net. Therefore, the design of the artificial grounding body should be adjusted according to the specific situation of the ground network location. The grounding body, also known as the grounding pole, is a metal conductor or group of conductors in direct contact with the soil. It is divided into an artificial grounding body and a natural connection body. An Artificial grounding body is embedded in the ground as a special grounding metal conductor, a natural grounding body is generally a metal pipe, metal well pipe, or metal components these categories. As a conductor that is in close contact with the earth and provides an electrical connection with the earth, the grounding body must have excellent electrical conductivity and safely dissipate lightning energy to discharge into the earth.

Lightning disaster:

In grounding design, if the resistance of the natural grounding body can meet the design requirements and there is no safety hazard to the natural grounding body, it can be used as a grounding body when there is no special requirements. If no natural grounding body is available, a manual grounding body must be installed. Generally, the metal objects that meet the grounding requirements are buried underground at the appropriate depth, and the resistance must meet the requirements. For details, see the grounding specifications. Lightning protection grounding, device grounding, and electrostatic grounding need to be distinguished. Grounding is the most important part of lightning protection engineering, whether direct lightning protection or lightning electrostatic induction, electromagnetic induction, and lightning wave invasion protection technology, ultimately the lightning current into the earth. Therefore, without good grounding technology, it is impossible to have a qualified lightning protection process. The purpose of protective grounding is to make a good metal connection between the uncharged metal part of the electrical equipment and the grounding body, reduce the voltage of the contact to the ground, and avoid the danger of electric shock to the human body and damage to the machine and equipment.

Nothing is trivial about lightning. Regardless of the power station, substation, power plant, signal tower, transmission, and transformation line, always pay attention to lightning protection requirements, learn lightning protection knowledge, and improve lightning protection skills. Lightning arrester development is rapid, silicon carbide arrester before, later appeared Changsha rich valve arrester, now widely used rich zinc oxide arrester. The zinc oxide resistor sheet, the core component of Xi ‘an zinc oxide arrester, has good nonlinear characteristics. Lightning arrester live test or lightning arrester online test is very important and critical. Be sure to use a zinc oxide arrester characteristics tester, a zinc oxide arrester online tester. Log on to the official website of the zinc oxide arrester manufacturer to obtain more information about the principle of the arrester, power station valve arrester, zinc oxide arrester price, Zhejiang Yueqing arrester, zinc oxide arrester and drop arrester, 35kV surge arrester, signal surge arrester and other high voltage surge arrester technical requirements and applications.

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