Porcelain bushing

As a leading porcelain bushings manufacturer in China, we offer the porcelain bushings for LV and MV applications (IEC, EN & DIN standard). Porcelain insulation is a proven technology which provides low cost, long life and maintenance-free solutions which can withstand all environmental conditions. Our Porcelain bushings are liquid filled hollow core oil communicating electrical bushings which are available in several designs and can be customized to fit customer requirements upon request. They can be suitable to be installed on both power and distribution transformers, indoor and outdoor applications and even under extreme environmental conditions.

Porcelaing bushing is an electrical engineering component that insulates a high-voltage conductor passing through a metal enclosure or a building. Bushings are needed on:
Gas insulated switchgear (GIS)
Other high-voltage equipment

Pure porcelain bushings are mostly used in transformers of 10kV and below. It is to wear a conductive copper rod in the porcelain bushing, and the porcelain bushing is air-insulated; oil-filled bushings are mostly used in 35kV transformers, which are filled with oil in the porcelain bushing. , Put a conductive copper rod in the porcelain bushing, and the copper rod is covered with insulating paper; the capacitive bushing is used on high-voltage transformers above 100kV. It consists of a main insulating capacitor core, outer insulating upper and lower porcelain parts, connecting sleeves, and oil pillows. , Spring assembly, base, equalizing ball, measuring terminal, terminal block, rubber gasket, insulating oil, etc. Transformer bushing is a hollow electrical insulator that allows an electrical conductor to pass safely through a conducting barrier such as the case of a transformer or circuit breaker without making electrical contact with it.Our manufacturer can produce the porcelain bushing as per the DIN standards and ANSI Standards. DIN standard transformer bushing there are low volatge parts accessoires and high voltage part to compose.Low voltage parts we usually named DT1/250A,DT1/630A,DT1/1000A. High voltage part we usually name as 10NF250A,10NF630A,20NF250A,30NF250A. ANSI standard transformer bushing there are also many types ,like ANSI Standard 1.2kV threaded secondary transformer bushing,ANSI standard 15kV threaded primary transformer bushing. OEM production is accepted.

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