Fdm-Found your dream! We are a professional supplier of metal tags from China. We sell our products worldwide to various industries and Individual. B2B and B2C are acceptable. You or Your friend or Your family or Your company are looking for some personal custom products, we can do it for you!

We hope to establish a good business relationship with our partners and customers. All products are made in China but with the design of yourself, so they are different from others, all of them are personal customization, which embodies your personality and unique interests.

Till now, we have helped 20000+ customers creating their own logo signature imprinted jewelry tags, beads, company ID tags and Pet ID tags and others. All products integrated the brand or logo of designers or owners, they delivered an unique symbol, icon and spirit of the brands to consumers. They are the emotional connection between the brand and its followers after the product sold. One hotel made this custom door card with their phone number, logo and map, which is well received by the customers.

We are so honored of having created a various styles, featured branding supplies and we will do more and more in the feature. These elaborately designed products make the brand signature expressing more appropriately, more organically and more sensitively. Even if you don’t see what you are looking for, there is a good chance we can still make it for you! We are an innovative identification solutions provider and because we are a manufacturer, have the ability to accommodate requests, to a certain extent.

We are no only producing the products, but also providing the solution. You will have so many dreams, we will help to print them on so many different products. Every product is a special personal customization design for you, keep them in your life!