Slide-On Pet ID Tags, Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags – Engraved Personalized Dog Tags, Cat Tags,Personalized Silent Pet ID Tags for Dog and Cat Collars


Custom Engraved pets tags

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Personalized design by yourself! Let your pet be a fan of your God!

SLIDE-ON PET ID TAG Gets All the Details Right Resulting in an Attractive, Durable and Effective Tag that will Protect Your Pet for Years To Come. ***CHOOSE “OPEN ENDS” if your collar has BUCKLES ON BOTH ENDS; Choose “CLOSED ENDS” if your collar has a BUCKLE ON ONE SIDE ONLY***

  • CURVED SHAPE Matches the Shape of Your Pet’s Collar; Looks Much Better Than Flat Tags — EASY TO ATTACH with No Tools — Will Not Fall Off — Made of Rugged,  STAINLESS STEEL, These Tags are Durable.
  • All metals are high quality and do not contain nickel or lead.
    Pieces will never tarnish, rust, or fade.
    Very light weight. Perfect for wearing all day!
  • One side is polished and another side is dull polished

Write between (brackets) what you want in different places.
Example: (Pet’s name) (Text of your choice, maximum 24 characters) (Phone number)

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  • Personalized stainless steel pet tags are incredibly durable and long-lasting.
  • The permanent laser engraving is clear to read on an attractive, polished tag. 
  • This shaped pets tag can be custom engraved on both sides, plenty of room for all of your pet’s important ID.
  • When it comes to long-lasting durability our 100% stainless steel pet tags can withstand the most active dog or cat. Split ring included


36×20; 40X20; 45×25; 45×35; 50X30

The Closed Style

The Closed Style is designed for belt buckle style collars that are open on one end. You slide your pet’s collar in one slot and out the other. That’s it!

You may also use the Open Style on this type of collar. It will work fine and stay on just as well. Plus, you may want to transfer it to another collar that doesn’t have an open end.

The Open Style

If your pet’s collar does not have an “open end” (such as a snap-together type collar) you must choose our Open Style tag. To install, you pinch the collar and squeeze it into the opening in the slots on the tag.

Once the tag is in place and the collar is pulled tight against the back of the tag, it is very secure and will not fall off. The toughness of stainless steel and the thickness of our tags combine to make the ears very strong. Aluminum or thinner stainless tags can bend and allow the tag to fall off.


5-7 business days

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  • The pictures of this product were taken in the studio. Due to light, the picture description and the actual product will be a little different.

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