LXSZ-K7 Prepayment Water Meter with Smart Card BS 5728 IC card ISO 7816

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As a horizontal dry dial multi-jet water meter, the LXSZ-K7 prepayment water meter with smart card is applicable for measuring flows of cold potable water. It features advantageous reliable measurement performance for revenue billing in domestic applications. An internal valve is provided for realizing the prepaid management function. This prepayment water meter is produced according to the ISO 4064:2005 and BS 5728, while its IC card is designed in line with the ISO 7816.

1. Alarm: Low battery alarm, low amount alarm
2. Hoard limitation: To avoid large amount water purchase on purpose
3. Credit (optional): Customer can continue to use some quantity of water after the prepaid water finished, and these consumed quantities will be deducted from next purchase
4. Data collection: Read history consumption data of last 12 months
5. Abnormal inspection: Our prepayment water meter will detect and record automatically when there is strong magnetic put close to meter as well as other abnormal conditions happened.
6. Valve maintenance: The valve will be actuated regularly to avoid dirt accumulation in the valve.
7. One card solution: Support one card to match the Wasion water, electricity and gas meters

Robust Construction
The LXSZ prepayment water meter is manufactured from the highest quality materials for maximum resistance to wear and corrosion. It is satisfactory to resist the flow disturbances.

Prepaid Management Function
The valve will be closed when the prepaid water finished. Use the Wasion prepaid management system, the user purchase and recharge to continue to use water.