LXSW Wireless Multi-jet Cold Water Meter AMR monitoring system

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LXSW wireless multi-jet cold water meter is designed for measuring flows of cold potable water. This horizontal dry dial multi-jet cold water meter delivers advantageous reliable measurement performance for revenue billing in domestic applications.

The cold water meter uses the ISM band by ITU radio communication sector. It is capable of remote reading by handhelds or concentrators. This wireless multi-jet cold water meter has an internal valve that can be controlled by radio frequency for AMR monitoring system.


Features and Benefits
1. Remote reading and valve control
2. Ultra low-power design to ensure battery’s long life
3. Encrypted data communication
4. IP68 waterproof protection
5. History data recording. This wireless multi-jet cold water meter can record the water consumption of the last 12 months.
6. On-demand valve control. Remote valve opened/closed by radio frequency communication
7. Meter reading. The meter reading system is used to read water consumption, billing data, status etc.
8. Magnet detection. This cold water meter will automatically close the valve if it detects magnetic interference
9. Low-battery detection. The electricity meter will close the valve automatically and record the event when the battery is under low voltage
10. Valve maintenance. The valve will be actuated regularly to avoid dirt accumulation in the valve

Robust Construction
The LXSW wireless multi-jet cold water meter is manufactured from the highest quality materials for maximum resistance to wear and corrosion. It is satisfactory to resist the flow disturbances. All wetted materials are against health risk.

Intelligent MeterReading
Fully compatible with Wasion’s data collection device of intelligent meter reading systems, LXSW wireless multi-jet cold water meter can offer even more vital management information to reduce water losses from leakage and improve customer service.