53 Series Spool insulator ANSI class line best price Porcelain ceramic Insulator for high power transmission)

OEM production is accepted


One-stop factory of 53 Series Spool insulator ANSI class line

Porcelain Stay Insulators/Guy Strain Insulators are manufactured from wet process porcelain to ensure a life-time of trouble-free service. These insulators are designed to be compatible with pre-formed style guy grips. They are designed, manufactured, and tested in conformance with ANSI Standard C29.4.

A. Professional Manufacturer of insulators above twenty years experience

B. Certificates: ANSI, IEC, BS, DIN, XIHARI, AS, SA

C. A wide range of low and high voltage insulators

  • Post insulator
  • suspension insulator
  • spool insulator
  • shackle insulator
  • stay insulator
  • pin insulator
  • line post insulator
  • wiring insulator

Detailed specifications are as follows, please check all dimensions before your ordering.