3kV 18kV Surge Arrester Lightning Arrester Polymer housing high-voltage electric power equipment 6kV,9kV,18kV,21kV,27kV,33kV,36kV

3kV-48kV 5kA

3kV-48kV 10kA

Composite Housing Surge Arrester

Color: Red, Grey, Customization


Silicone polymer housing composite metal oxide surge arrester and porcelain housing metal oxide surge arresters are available. Another type is porcelain housing surge arrester. The both types of surge arrester are the key equipment in the electric power system, which is protecting the equipments from the lightning impulse.

Easy installation and maintenance. Mouted by the Bracket.

Good sealing capability to ensure reliable operation.

Protection and reliability of the surge arrester have been greatly enhanced.