Composite Insulator

Polymer Insulator is a kind of special insulation control widget.It plays an important role in overhead transmission lines.There are many types of polymer insulator. Polymer suspension insulator; composite pin insulator;polymer station post insulator; composite line post insulator etc. Changsha rich company is a professional manufacturer of polymer insulator in China. All products have the KEMA test report.

We mainly produce high-voltage suspension porcelain insulators, high-voltage line Post porcelain insulators, high-voltage line pin porcelain insulators, high-voltage porcelain cross-arm insulators and porcelain insulators for electrical appliances.
In order to accelerate the development of the industry and continuously improve the product brand, the company continues to invest 25 million yuan, the expansion of the test hall and product technology center, and constantly introduce advanced technology and equipment, with reliable product quality, to provide high quality services for domestic and foreign customers.

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