Disconnector switch

What does a disconnector switch do?
A disconnector, isolator switch, or disconnector switch is used to de-energize the current for maintenance and service. In electric engineering, a disconnector is used to break the circuit found in the electrical distribution. They are used in industrial applications. A disconnector can be manually or motor-operated.

a disconnector or power isolator can disconnect electrical equipment for maintenance and repair. It is used for electrical disconnect for safety purposes. The objective is to stop the flow of electricity. Without electric flow, the professionals can access the equipment and devices and complete the maintenance job safely. The disconnect switches stop the electric flow from input to output. There are different types of disconnectors. Some can be operated manually. You can also get automatic disconnectors. The usage will vary depending on the disconnector.

Changsha rich company is a professional manufacturer of switch disconnector in China, most parts of the disconnector switch are made by ourselves. We also do OEM production for our customers.

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