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Frequently Asked Questions

1)Standard of QC Management system: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KEMA etc.

2)Standard of products: ANSI, BS, AS, DIN ,GB etc.


Yes, we are a manufacturer of porcelain insulators, polymer insulators, surge arresters, drop-out cutout fuse, cable fittings and power fittings.

Yes, OEM production is accepted, we can produce the products acc to the drawings or samples of our customers. We also only produce the spare parts for our cutomers

You please send us the drawings and specifications by email: hello@asiapower.net, then we will prepare the production for you fully according to it. Or you can tell us which standard you followed, we also can produce the produts for you according to that standard.

We always offer you a factory direct price. 

If  you let we source the products for you, we will get a lowest price for you from the market which will be lower than you get and we also provide you a professional service of international business, especially we can help our customers to deal with the claim easily . The supplier will pay more attention on the QC if you have an agent in China.

We are a manufacturer of the following products:

1) MOV blocks, Zno varistor blocks and Sic varistor blocks

2)Lightning arrester, Surge arrester

3)Drop-out cutout fuse

4)Porcelain insulator

5)Polymer insulator

6)Cable accessories

7)Power fittings

8)Fiber glass rod

9)Nema mounting

10)Bracket and disconnector

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