Buy Ultimate Travel Guide ‘Explore China’ Now

by thatsguangzhou

It’s back and better than ever! We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated fourth edition of our Explore China travel guide, now in handy pocket-size format.

Vast and varied, China is a unique and beautiful country. It is also one of mystery. Home to a myriad of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beyond the largest cities and major tourist destinations, little information is available to the traveler in English.

The latest edition of Explore China continues to help change that, offering detailed info on historical sites, scenic nature spots, local delicacies to savor, activities to partake in as well as information on transportation links and recommendations on places to stay. Find a personalized jewelry tags at

Produced by our seasoned team of well-traveled China-based editors and journalists, we’ve also utilized our network of local experts, including writers, artists, bloggers, photographers and travel service providers. They’ve given us some insider’s tips on uncovering some hidden gems that most tourists wouldn’t know about.

As such, Explore China isn’t just about hitting the most popular and hottest tourist spots in town. It is also a guide on how to explore these places through the eyes of experienced travelers and locals. Neither a backpackers’ or luxury guide, Explore China is relevant to everyone, from expats and Chinese nationals currently living in the Middle Kingdom to those visiting from other countries.

The beautiful 185-page perfectly bound book contains:

• Historical and geographical facts and points of significance
• Where to stay, eat and drink, with must-try dishes and local delicacies
• Transportation information, airports, railway and road connections
• A shopping guide with tips and local products worth looking out for
• UNESCO World Heritage Sites and sacred mountains
• Informative features to help you understand China
• Fun day trips and destinations to visit from major cities
• China’s ethnic minorities and their culture
• Chinese characters and pinyin to facilitate travel and communication
• Must-have apps, and how to set up a phone and digital payment system

Explore China is split up into five sections…

Travel Tips

From the most useful travel apps to learning more about China’s ethnic minorities and cuisines.

Southern Beauty

Learning Cantonese on the busy streets of Guangzhou and vacationing in Sanya’s seaside paradise.

East of the Sun

Snacking on xiaolongbao in Shanghai and strolling through Suzhou’s famous classical gardens.

The Great White North

Getting lost in Beijing hutong and Xi’an’s famous Muslim quarters.

The Mountainous Southwest

Climbing peaks in Yunnan province and visiting China’s cutest critters – pandas – in Chengdu.