What is Porcelain post insulator? Do you know the types & tests of post porcelain insulator?


What is the porcelain post insulator?

57 type porcelain post insulator

Porcelain post insulators are widely used on electrical power substation and transmission line systems. Post insulator is a High Voltage (HV) type of insulator which is designed based on the IEC, ANSI and other standards. They can be used in a power system of up to 1100 kV. In transmission lines applications, post insulators are called line post insulators. The flanges of this type are sharp and narrow. This design promotes a creepage distance that may cause the problem of electrode pollution.
In the substation line system, post insulators are commonly seen as station post insulators. On both sides of the station post insulator, there are flanges with drilled holes for bolts fixing. These station post insulators are fixed on the bottom base and with bus bar support on the top. Now there are many online shops in internet. You can custom products with your design.

While for the power transmission lines, the post insulators are normally used as line post insulators. Line post insulator also has a bottom base, which is to be fixed on poles or crossarms.On the head side, there is a groove for the conductor. Some line post insulators have vertical or horizontal clamps for conductors, the type and direction depend on the use of insulators.

Most post insulators are produced of ceramic materials even though composite post insulators are entirely standard. Composite post insulator types usually are tested based on the quality materials. The selection of the materials should satisfy both the mechanical and electrical qualities of an insulator.

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Various Models of Post Type Insulator

Bottom end fittings and Top-end fittings are different among types of line posts. Based on the designs, there are principally five types of line post insulators:

Tie top-line post insulator: Core rod F neckline posts are technically similar to pin insulators and can be replaced alternatively.

Vertical clamp top line post insulator: This insulator has a stud base and a clamp top and is installed on the top of a pole.

Horizontal clamp top line post insulator: This type has a vertical clamp top line post that is installed on the side of a utility pole and is named a horizontal clamp top line post (stud mount).

Horizontal line post insulator (gain base): This type has a clamp top and a gain base that is usually installed on the side of a pole.

Brace post insulators: This type is a particular combination of a suspension insulator and a horizontal line post made of silicone rubbers.

57 type porcelain post insulator

Tests for a Post Insulator

Visual examination, mechanical routine tests, electrical routine tests, and check for compliance.
Sample Tests, taking insulators randomly from batches. The sample insulators should take the verification of dimensions, mechanical failing load test, temperature cycle test, etc.
Thermal and mechanical performance tests.
Wet power frequency voltage withstands and dry lightning impulse test.