Characteristic of porcelain insulator


There are many types of porcelain insulators. We can produce them according to IEC standards, BS standards, DIN standards, etc. Butterfly and pin porcelain insulators are mainly used in high and low -voltage transmission lines, while suspension insulators are used in high-voltage transmission lines. Porcelain insulators/ Ceramic insulators are a special insulation control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. In the early years, porcelain insulators/ ceramic insulators were mostly used for telegraph poles, and gradually developed into a lot of disc-shaped insulators hung at one end of the connecting tower of high-voltage wires to increase the creepage distance. They are usually made of ceramic and are called ceramic insulators or porcelain insulators. Ceramic insulator/porcelain insulators in overhead transmission lines with two basic roles, namely support wire and prevent the current back, these two functions must be guaranteed, pottery and porcelain insulators should not change due to environmental and electrical load conditions lead to a variety of electrical and mechanical stress and failure, or else there won’t have a significant role in the ceramic insulator, will damage the whole line of use and operating life. Changsha Rich company is a professional manufacturer of line porcelain insulators in China. OEM and ODM is accepted. We will produce the products for you according to your design, same as your customization of personalized jewelry and tattoo.