Personalized customization jewelry tags in the site:, which will develop your business!

Brand your jewelry! Now, Rings & Things is in the western USA. But I’m no iron-brandishing cowboy. I’m talking about a kinder, gentler way of making a lasting impression on your customers.

Mark your jewelry with small custom metal tags. They’re durable, they show that you care about the quality of the items you make, and they can coordinate with your designs. We are a good supplier and maker of jewelry tags from China, which is also your production base here. You will get more jewelry tags with your personalized design.

There are companies who will sell you pre-made tags in the shape you like: hearts, ovals, diamonds and more.
By shopping around, you can find these in sterling, gold fill, copper or other metals.
Just add your business name or logo to the tag — you can also get a metal stamp (die) custom-made with your design.
You can personalize the tags even more. How about enameling the stamped design? Or a quick bit of antiquing solution?
If you get tags in some quantity, you should be able to do all this for several cents to a dollar per tag. But there’s a way to lower the cost even more! Consider using metal-stamping tools, for a very quick and simple “logo”. Why not overlap stamped letters on each other for a monogram (or cattle-brand) look? And most metal stamp sets include one more more dies for symbols like &, @, or ?… With a bit of your creativity, you’ll have a memorable logo in no time at all. (Just think how recognizable the Calvin Klein “cK” logo is.)

Attach your snazzy metal tag to each jewelry item with a matching jump ring. You’ll be amazed how sharp and professional the results can look!

A side benefit: metal stamping jewelry keeps growing in popularity. You can use the same tools to create focal pendants and more…

Have you discovered other useful ways to “brand” your line of jewelry? Share them in a comment!