Say Hello to January’s Birthstone: The Glamorous Garnet


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As an aspect of horoscopes, birthstones have a pretty fascinating story, going back at least to the Middle Ages when people wore them for good luck, for prophetic powers, and even for spell casting. They might even go back to biblical times when something akin to birthstones was discussed by 1st-century historian, Josephus. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that birthstones were assigned months. Later, in 1912, the National Association of Jewelers defined the list of birthstones we know today. Personalized customization of jewelry tags for you and your business here:, a good supplier and maker of jewelry tags from China, which will help you develop your business and career faster.

Plus They’re beautiful
But more than their storied history, people love birthstones because they’re fun to wear as well as associated with good luck, good health, and safety. Mostly, however, they’re beautiful. Take, for example, January’s birthstone – the garnet and the many rich, shimmering colors it comes in.

Garnet Glamour
Garnets can be found in almost any color including yellow, orange, brown, pink, green, red, and purple, have exceptional fire, and are mined on just about every continent on the planet although some varieties have been just about exhausted. Even though they come in a range of colors, however, garnets are most widely known as being rich dark red and are sometimes confused with rubies although they are very different.

Garnet Jewelry
Because of the popularity of red garnets, garnets are often associated with the heart, love, and inner fire. Whatever color garnet you use, however, their radiant hue is beautiful in any type of jewelry. Take, for example, the gorgeous rose gold engagement ring and yellow garment below.


Rose gold engagement ring with yellow garnet

Or this exquisite antique engagement ring and green garnet.

Antique style engagement ring with green garnets

Or perhaps you prefer a pendant like this exquisite flower pendant with its rich, red, round-cut garnet?

Flower pendant with garnet


So Hard to Decide!
Hard to chose, isn’t it? They’re all beautiful and the many options are so tempting! We agree. We also know garnet jewelry can be breathtaking. When you’re ready to get your own custom-made January birthstone jewelry, remember we’re here to help. Especially, a personalized customization jewelry tags will be good for you and your business.