How Custom Logo Tags Can Advance Your Jewelry Business


by Ashley Maldonado

Custom logo tags are an easy and affordable way to benefit your jewelry business. Read on to see how adding these tags can help your business succeed.

If your jewelry business isn’t using custom logo tags yet, you might want to consider it! As a jewelry maker, you put your heart into your designs and trust your name with the quality of jewelry pieces. By adding logo tags, your name will forever be associated with the piece of jewelry even once the packaging is long forgotten.

Critical Branding Tool
Logo_Tags01.jpgAs a business owner, you’ve made sure to brand your website, packaging, business cards and more. Your jewelry is your brand and the deepest extension of you, so why shouldn’t your logo be carried into your designs? Kristen Baird thinks so: “Any way that I can add my branding to my work is key for me!” Adding a custom logo tag to your jewelry can really enhance the overall look and professionalism of your jewelry collection. It tells a customer that you are an established brand they can trust. It will also allow your customers to distinguish if a piece is yours or another designer’s with a similar aesthetic.

Adds Perceived Value
Think of any of the high-end brands, they almost always include their name and/or logo on anything they make. Would a Coach purse be worth the same if it didn’t have the Coach tag on it? Probably not. You can give your jewelry a similar feel by attaching your logo. It also adds a level of sophistication, says Kristen. You’re telling your customer that your brand is important enough and should be valued enough for them to always see it and remember it.

Your Name And Business Are Attached To The Piece
Your jewelry designs are meant to tell a story. And every story says who its author is, so make sure your jewelry does! We always hope that our customers will forever remember our brand, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Or maybe someone received a piece as a gift and wants more! With your logo and name attached to a piece, your business will always remain in their memory. Jewelry is also a popular inheritance item, wouldn’t it be nice to make sure that anyone who receives your jewelry from a family member knows who you are?

You can even solder them on!
Since logo tags start out as a basic silver tag, it’s easy to attach them in a variety of ways. Of course many are created to attach with a jump ring, but some can also be soldered on to your piece. If you’re able to work the tag into your design by soldering, it’s an even more permanent way of ensuring your branding lives on. Kristen uses this technique especially on cuff bracelets.

Kristen Baird logo tag Kristen Baird soldered logo tag
How Are The Tags Created?
Custom logo tags are created using a diamond drag tool that engraves the surface without displacing the metal. The advantage of engraving a tag over stamping is the ability to engrave on both sides if desired. Since stamping displaces the metal and goes deeper than an engraving tool, having your logo on both sides of a tag is much harder. Be careful though! The engraving can be damaged or removed if you sand or polish over the surface. This is a subtle technique, so the engraving does not deeply penetrate the surface. If your pieces are oxidized you can use liver of sulphur on the tags, though it will not give a high contrast result.