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Porcelain Insulator

Porcelain Insulator For Railway

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A professional production base of yours in China!

Cantilever Porcelain Insulator for Electrified Railway,quality guaranteed!


 The products are suitable for electric-railway of complex operation conditions, can effectively  prevent flash accidents and decrease the times of clear and maintenance, because of small  volume, and when in the tunnel is clear products of glass insulator cannot instead of it. Polymer type is also produced.

Technical Data

-Rate Voltage:1-27.5kV

-Rate Mechanical load: 60kN

 -Creepage distance: 1400mm

 -Rod diameter: 101.2mm

 -Standard: IEC61109


 -Electric railway of complex operation conditions 
 -Use in industry-specific solutions
 -Device and plant construction, e.g. switchgear, for busbars and disconnect switches
 -Platform support for capacitor banks

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