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What are the porcelain disc insulators?

       Insulators are devices installed between conductors with different potentials or between conductors and grounding components that can withstand the effects of voltage and mechanical stress. There are various types of insulators and different shapes. Although the structure and shape of different types of insulators are quite different, they are composed of Insulators and Fittings. If you inquire power insulator including porcelain insulator,composite insulator,polymer insulator,suspension insulator,disc insulator,stay insulator and railway insulator, please no hesitate to contact changsha rich company for more information and reasonable price,, email:

       Insulator is a special insulation control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. In the early years, insulators were used in electric poles, slowly developed at the end of the high voltage wire connection tower with a lot of disc insulators, which were designed to increase the distance of creeping, usually made of glass or ceramics, and called insulators. Insulators should not fail due to various mechanical and electrical stresses caused by changes in the environment and electrical load conditions, otherwise the insulators will not have a significant effect and will damage the use and operation life of the whole line.

      Insulators can be divided into suspension insulators and pillar insulators according to the different installation methods. According to the different insulation materials used, they can be divided into Porcelain Insulator, glass insulator and silicon insulator (also called Polymer Insulators). According to the different voltage grades, they can be divided into low voltage and high voltage insulators. The pollution insulators used in polluted areas are derived from different environmental conditions; DC insulators are derived from different types of use voltage; there are various insulators for special purposes, such as insulation transversal, semiconductor glaze insulators, tension insulators, wire insulators and wiring insulators for distribution. In addition, according to the breakdown probability of insulators, it can be divided into two types: A type non-breakdown insulator and B type breakdown insulator.

Porcelain disc insulators
       Porcelain disc insulators are made into disc shape,that’s why it got this name.The disc insulator has metal fittings on both ends,usually seen as ball and socket type,and also there are tongue and clevis type coupling. Several pieces of ceramic disc insulators are connected together to make up a insulator string.This string are used in electricity power transmission line and distribution line from 11KV to 400KV or even higher.
      Currently the ceramic disc insulators we supply are mainly designed and tested according to ANSI standard, which known as 52 series. ANSI 52 series disc insulators include: 52-1,52-2,52-3,52-4,52-5,52-6,52-9.
These insulators various in dimensions,mechanical load and electrical properties.

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