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Electric Fence Insulators

      When looking for electric fence insulators, there are a lot of variables. You need an insulator that matches your wire type as well as your fence post style. changsha rich insulator understands that need, and offers a broad selection of electric fence insulators for use on a wide variety of fence post styles. If you're on the hunt for electric fence insulators, changsha rich insulator offers multiple options, including porcelain insulators, t-post insulators, plastic insulators, corner insulators, tube insulators, chain-link fence insulators, u-post insulators and square insulators. 

Types of Electric Fence Insulators

      Porcelain insulators are made to handle any size fence wire from wire to polywire and polyrope. changsha rich porcelain insulators come in several sizes and varieties.
     Slightly heavier than other insulators, porcelain insulators are constructed of clay, quartz and feldspar.
     When properly installed, porcelain insulators will last a lifetime. However, due to the materials they are made from, they break more easily and are generally more expensive than other insulator types.
T-Post Insulators
     Constructed of plastic, T-Post insulators are designed "snap-on" to metal T-Posts. The simple design makes installation quick and easy.
      Red Snap'r, and Fi-Shock feature an assortment of T-Post insulators in varied sizes for wire, polywire, polyrope, and polytape fencing.
      T-Post cap insulators can be placed over T-Post tops to provide maximum protection from injury for horses, show cattle, and other livestock.
Plastic Insulators
     Plastic insulators are constructed form polyethylene, polycarbonate, or nylon. They designed to hold electrified wire and fit many different post types.
     Fi-Shock, and Red Snap'r manufacture a variety of plastic insulators to fit round, wood, corner, and end posts, as well as T-posts and chain link fence.
     Our plastic insulators are molded from heavy-duty, high density polyethylene and other hard plastics and feature UV inhibitors to prevent arcing and ensure all-weather performance and longevity. Plastic insulators are available in yellow, black, and white.
Corner Insulators
     Corner insulators are designed for use on corner posts of the fence line and are capable of withstanding tension generated by the fence line pulling from anchor points or changing directions.
     Available in plastic or ceramic, Red Snap'r, and Fi-Shock corner insulators are compatible with steel wire, polywire, polytape, and polyrope.
    A corner insulator should be used at all fence line termination points.
Tube Insulators
    Tube insulators are made of durable, non-conducting UV-stabilized polyethylene plastic. These insulators are designed to be used with steel wire high-tensile fencing.
     The extra thick plastic walls of  tube insulators help to prevent voltage loss.
Chain–Link Fence Insulators
      Chain link insulators allow for electric wire to be fastened to chain-link fencing. Red Snap'r chain link insulators are available in both metal and plastic versions.
     The design of our chain link insulators extends electric wire four to six inches from the chain link fence and helps to prevent energy loss.
U-Post Insulators
    U-Post insulators are made to fit the "U" shape found on U-Posts which are commonly made of paint-coated steel with a stabilizing plate-footer.
    In addition to U-Posts,  U-Post insulators will fit round or square posts and chain link fence.
Square Insulators
     Square insulators are named for their square shape and are designed to nail or screw into wood posts.Many types of square insulators exist to accommodate a variety of fence types including wire, high-tensile, polywire, polyrope, and polytape.To prevent arcing, square insulators commonly feature a large shield.
Fence Insulator Installation Tips
     When choosing insulators for your fence, match the insulator to both the wire type and post type being used. If using a low impedance fence charger, insulators with greater arcing protection should be used to prevent current from jumping to the fence post.
      Plastic insulators will work with all types of wire. Some plastic insulators are also designed to handle high tension.
      Porcelain insulators tend to break easily, but if installed properly can last a lifetime. They can be used with all wire types, but not polytape.
     Corner insulators should be used at corner and end posts as they are capable of withstanding the added tension these areas receive.
     Keep insulators clean and free from dirt, dust, and cobwebs.
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