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Double-Break Disconnectors Types SDB 123 ÷ 420 kV and SDBwt

Disconnectors are used for metallic isolation of systems by creating in open position a visible isolating distance. They are appropriate for switching small currents or currents when no significant change in voltage occurs across the terminals. Double-break disconnectors can be operated in many types of high voltage switchgear that are in use. For earthing and short-circuiting disconnected plant sections, each disconnector pole can be equipped with one or two earthing switches. They are available for rated voltages from 123 to 420 kV and for rated currents up to 4000 A. Regulations The disconnectors are designed according to the publication IEC 62271-102; IEC 60694 and most other national regulations. ANSI specifications can be met on request. Tests The type tests on the disconnectors were performed successfully in our own and also in independent test laboratories in accordance with the latest regulations. During manufacture all components are continuously subjected to quality tests in order to ensure consistent high quality of the products. After completion of the disconnector poles a comprehensive electrical and mechanical routine test is carried out on the poles and associated operating mechanisms, so that their perfect functioning is guaranteed.
• WELDED ALUMINIUM STRUCTURE The current path halves are welded aluminium structures with a minimum number of terminal points that are subject to corrosion; thanks to that no appreciable change of the contact resistance over many years
• NO EXTERNAL CONCTAC SPRINGS Contact fingers without external springs.
• STRONG PEDESTALS They guarantee that the deflection remains unchanged at high static mechanical terminal loads.
• EASY AND SIMPLE ERECTION Thank the design of current path it is easy to adjust contact systems after cabling. (self adjusting)
• DEAD CENTRE INTERLOCKING For all operating mechanisms. It ensures no change of the switching position in case of extreme external influences such as storm, vibration and earthquake.
• LITTLE MAINTENANCE Owing to the selection of the material used and the encapsulation of the pedestals with a permanent lubrication, the units are practically maintenance-free.
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