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Polymer station post insulator

Polymer station post insulator is reliable in paint construction. Polymer station post insulator is used for industry-specific solutions, Device and plant construction, such as busbar supports, and so on.

Polymer station post insulator Dimensions:
Voltage level: <1kV – 550 kV
Maximum rod diameter: 101.2 mm (4") up to 50 kNm
Flexible leakage path up to 2.16” / kV
DIN, IEC and ANSI flange designs

Polymer station post insulator Production method:
Modular system with slide-on assembly
HTV silicone rubber, generation III
FRP rod
Metastable silicone seal
Special shed profiles for all contamination categories
Patented under-rib design of the sheds
Changsha Rich company has good production workshop and machines for production of polymer insulator,OEM is acceptable, here is also good production base of yours.

Manufactured in accordance with the standards:
IEC 62231
ANSI C29.19
ANSI C29.9

Changsha rich insulators for station post insulators with various end fitting hardware configurations. We are producing porcelain insulator in accordance with a patented production method. The most striking feature of the RODURFLEX insulators and Polymer station post insulator is their flexibility with regard to design options and voltage levels, because their underlying modular system permits a wide range of variations.

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