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Porcelain insulators for power line

porcelain insulator for power line is a material which impede the free flow of electrons from atom to atom and molecule to molecule, if you want charge is transferred to an insulator an a given location, the excess charge will remain at the initial location of charging.

Ceramic power line insulators are widely used on our daily life, the main function of the ceramic power line insulators is insulation and support, and this two functions of insulator must be guarantee so that it can ensure a safety of power system.Rich Group is a professional manufacturer of porcelain insulator for power line.

Ceramic power line insulators have a long history and it was just used on the telephone pole, most of them are common insulator.

Following are some common ceramic power line insulators:
The most important one is suspension insulator, it also use on the high voltage iron tower, have a long string, the purpose of long string is to increase the creepage distance, they can made by porcelain/ceramic, composite polymer, glass and HDPE.

Pin insulator
This type ceramic power line insulators made by one or two ceramic components, then connected them together, it also used with a spindle rigidly mounted on a supporting structure, it used on the distribution line.

Line post insulator
Line post insulator is just like pin insulator, it also used a spindle mounted on a cross arm. This type ceramic power line insulators is un-punctured, it can use on the voltage level which can up to 132kV.

Shackle insulator
Shackle insulator have a hole,a D-iron bracket with bolts cross the hole of shackle insulator. Shackle insulator’s main function is combinations with D-iron bracket fixed on telegraph pole and insulate the conduct wire. You can find all types porcelain insulator acc to your requirement in changsha rich company.

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